Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fight or Food?

Tonight is one of those nights. I work hard on a delish dinner which I plan around what Ela likes. And she wants nothing to do with it. As I sat there, wanting a relaxing dinner with a bottle of red and a wonderful husband. But this was turning into a huge fight. One I would probably loose. That's when I decided tonight I am not even going to start the fight. There is no winner and no looser. Just a happy family meal. Ela normally is a very good eater, and I know she is cutting her eye teeth and has been feeling so crappy. These seem as bad as the molers. Poor baby.

Eating some sweet p and apple yogurt for dinner.

I will continue to offer her all the foods she turns down and not give up. I know my little guac, humus and blackbean lover will come around. Two little teeth can cause a lot of havoc on a little one. We will both be so happy when they come through.

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