Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mommy's little helper....

I have been making a big effort to just spend time with Ela simply playing. Last night we made a fort, today we had a tea party with the Minnie Mouse twins and Bitty Baby.
 It is funny because it always seems like there is something I can be doing besides spending time with Ela. This needs dusting or it's time to cook dinner. I love Ela's age right now because now I can include in all that "other stuff".
 She helps me empty the dishwasher


It's so fun to watch her learn where everything goes and how it works. She now knows that dirty dishes (and sometimes in her mind clean dishes!) go in the dishwasher.

Here are some measuring cups she was playing with while I was washing dishes. I turned around and she had "loaded" the dishwasher. She was so proud and took my hand and pointed and said mom!!!


She is such a smart little girl! She helps me empty the groceries by handing me everything one at a time. We do laundry together and I had her the wet piece and she throws it in the dryer.

Doing chores with my little helper does like ten times as long. But that's okay. She is learning and I am having a blast!

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