Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little crawler

Gabriela starting scootching around a few weeks ago. She is very mobile. If I turn around for one second, she will be into something! I have a feeling i am in for it as she grows up. We had a large gate we propped up under the bar for the dogs at night. She loved to go over to it and try to bring it down on top of her. We packed that up and right away she went to the second smaller gate we had propped near the stairs! What a smart 8-month old.

We flew for the first time last week and it was an adventure. The Atlanta airport is so huge it is always a hassle trying to find your gate. We got through security okay, we've found everyone is nicer when there is a cute baby involved. We made it on the train and finally got to our gate. Once we had boarded the plane we did everything we could to keep Ela awake. Once the plane starting taking off, i started to nurse and she fell right asleep. She slept the entire trip until we landed. Whew! On the way home she made friends with the ladies behind us and pretty much everyone on the entire plane. She is such a social girl, unless you try to take her away from mommy. She is a great traveler.

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